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Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke BMW F80 F82 Equal Length Mid Pipe (M3 & M4)

Active Autowerke BMW F80 F82 Equal Length Mid Pipe (M3 & M4)

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Quality BMW performance products for over 39 years. Dedicated to improving enjoyment of your driving machine with the highest quality products, Active Autowerke has been recognized as the leading BMW innovator. Our philosophy on developing refined BMW performance parts and making  them available to the larger BMW community is highlighted by our most recent R&D program focused on improving the sound of the S55 exhaust. This R&D has resulted in the development of the Active Autowerke F80 M3 and F82 M4 equal length mid-pipe (patent pending) – the other option to our world famous F8X single mid-pipe.

An inline 6 engine naturally has an evenly spaced exhaust pulse which results in a more smooth and full sounding noise. However, the twin turbo setup of the S55 engine while producing addition power has created a sound which sounds more like 2 independent inline 3's competing for noise than the throaty sound one would expect. The variance between the lengths of the front and rear down-pipes of almost a foot and a half creates unevenly spaced pulses so that when the merge in any form of crossover system whether stock, x-pipes, double x-pipes, single mid-pipe or rear-section solutions. Since the sound waves are moving at the same rate when they exit the system, these crossover sections are simply creating a higher pitched sound resulting in the annoying sound some have referred to as a weed eater sound. The current systems allow the banks to merge unequally pulsed sounds and after much research and testing (from many BMW experts) it was determined that equalizing the length of the exhaust pipes before mixing was a solution to this sound problem.

Initial exhaust solutions focused on correcting this variance in the space behind the differential housing with one complaint being the inability to keep existing rear exhaust systems. Active Autowerke decided to leverage our expertise in having already developed a single mid-pipe system for the F-series M cars and devoted our R&D resources into developing the mid-pipe solution which you see here. Our R&D looked at the ways this could be done and while making up the difference in the rear section of the exhaust seemed like the most logical place, it would require a brand new rear exhaust system and we were aware that many BMW owners would not like this option. So we looked at adding length to the passenger side midpipe section and creating a new crossover section to create an exhaust note that's never been akin to the "S55 sound". Using a patented solution of a crossover with sinusoidal pipes allowed us to correct the downpipe length variance before mixing the sounds giving the expected 6 cylinder sports car exhaust notes.

The Active Autowerke F8X Equal Length Mid Pipe was specifically designed to create equal length exhaust pipes adjusting for the difference between the front and rear banks of the F80 M3 and F82 M4 down pipes before mixing in an X-pipe and creating an exhaust note different from the normal "S55 sound". Engineered for an exact fit on both the F80 M3 and F82 M4, the difference in sound with this mid pipe will be noticeable the first time with an open throttle!

Please Note: You will require the following additional parts to fit this exhaust:

  • Lighter weight than factory system
  • Quicker turbo spool
  • Increased low end and mid-range power
  • Equal length design eliminates the pulsing sound caused by the unequal length down pipes
  • Includes AA Centre Brace


1 x AA EL Midpipe
1 x AA Centre Brace


Please Note

Is it strongly recommended that cars with catless (Straight-through) downpipes use the resonator option for the Equal Length Midpipe.

    • BMW M Series F80 Saloon M3 & M3 CS (S55) from 2015 - Present 
    • BMW M Series F82/F83 M4 & M4 CS (S55) from 2015 - Present



    AA-EXHF8XM-EL-MIDPIPE--KIT-1 (Non-Resonated (For Catted Downpipe))
    AA-EXHF8XM-EL-MIDPIPE--KIT-2 (Resonated (For Catless Downpipe))


    Full setup: Standard catted Downpipe, AA EL (Non-resonated) Mid-pipe, standard rear silencer and custom BM3 Exhaust Burble.


    Full setup: Catless Downpipe, AA EL (Non-resonated) Mid-pipe, and Genuine BMW F80 F82 M Performance Titanium Complete Exhaust System (M3 & M4).


    Full setup: Catless Downpipe, AA EL (Non-resonated) Mid-pipe, and Remus BMW F80 M3 & F82 M4 Exhaust Silencer.


    Active Autowerke Equal Length Mid Pipe


    Fitted Photo

    Active Autowerke Non-Resonated Equal Length Mid Pipe fitted on Simon's BMW 2018 F80 M3 at Xatrix

    Active Autowerke BMW F80 F82 Equal Length Mid Pipe (M3 & M4) - ML Performance US


    Special thanks to our customer Stephen D.

    Active Autowerke BMW F80 F82 Equal Length Mid Pipe (M3 & M4) - ML Performance US
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